Frilled Dragon (Chlamydosaurus kingii) Care Sheet

Frilled Dragons inhabit the tropical and sub tropical areas of southern New Guinea and northern Australia. These lizards prefer dry forests and savannahs, where they can be found on tree stumps or other look out points.  The Frilled Dragons habitat has a distinct wet and dry period.  These lizards prefer the wet season and are usually inactive during the dry season.  Male Frilled Dragons can reach 22 to 36 inches, while females typically range from 17 to 25 inches.  Sexing is fairly easy, males have larger heads, frills and bulges at the base of the tail. 

Temperature & UV Lighting

     Frilled Dragons require temperatures from 85-95 degrees during the day, with a drop to about 75 at night. It is also recommended that humidity be maintained between 50%-75%, this can be accomplished by daily misting.  Frilled Dragons require 10-12 hrs a day of UVB light, this light produces Vitamin D3, which enables them to metabolize calcium. Without a UVB light these lizards will not grow properly and over time their bones will get soft and your lizard will die. Also it is very important to change your UVB light every 6-8 months, after this time the light stops producing adequate UVB.  If you’re not sure if your UV light is still producing UVB, bring it in and we’ll be happy to test the light for you.

Housing and Bedding

     Frilled Dragons can be housed in our 29 gallon terrarium as babies and juveniles.  Adults should be housed in a minimum of 4 x 2 x 2.  We recommend that you use bark or coconut bark as bedding.  This substrate will help maintain humidity and is fairly easy to clean.


     Filled Dragons also require a calcium and vitamin supplement. This supplement works with the UVB light allowing the lizard to receive the proper amounts of calcium and vitamins. This should be used every day as babies and reduced to 1-2 times a week as adults.               

Food and Water

     Frilled Dragons should be provided with a water dish large enough for them to soak in. They should also be misted about once a day to help increase humidity and they will typically drink the droplets of water when misted.   Frilled Dragons should be fed a variety of food items such as crickets, mealworms, superworms, and wax worms.  Adult Frilled Dragons can also be offered pink or fuzzy mice for extra protein.  We recommend that you feed baby and juvenile Frilled Dragons as much as they will eat, while adults can be fed 4-5 times per week.